Youth bookings

Clinton: I have been practicing vent for a couple of years now. Like most ventriloquists I am at the point where the idea of being hired intrigues me. I'd be fine with small children's birthday parties,but I face an issue which may be common for Youth. That is, most adults will either not hire you in the first place, or not take you seriously. My main issue today is the first one. How do I advertise my act (via Flyers in local stores and such?) while letting it be known that I am not an adult, without ruining my chances of getting hired? Is there a way to demonstrate this fact in a positive manner? Ty
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Ty: Getting started is a challenge for anyone. The word has to get out about your skill as a ventriloquist and the availability of your service. It may take some freebie shows. But volunteer shows can result in letters of recommendation and that's what you need when contacting prospective clients. Actually, birthday parties for small children are a very good thing, and lead to further opportunities. You may want to have an adult (parent or friend) act as your "agent". I'll ask on my blog if people have some suggestions for you. Clinton (Any suggestions for Ty?)

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