Until now, I've always considered the ventriloquist figure heads made by Finis Robinson to be the heaviest of any heads I've handled. But I believe "Frank" (shown in this photo) now commands the record. Weighing in at nearly 4 1/2 pounds, this head truly is a handful. He must be made of auto body filler or something similar.

The weight causes a challenge for the repainting . When repainting a head, I always hold it by the headpost with my left hand while painting with my right. Holding and turning a BIG four plus pounds on the end of a stick for the time required to repaint the complete head is truly a test of strength and endurance! Never fear - in spite of the expression on my face, I am up to the task! :-)

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  1. Anonymous6/04/2009

    He's looking great. I can't wait to see how he turns out after the repaint.