Boosting motivation

From John: Thought I would drop a note letting you know my progress. I have been working on the Maher Course Lessons, taking them in order and not trying to rush anything. The lessons are well designed. I see slow moving progress giving a person time to learn with other training inserted so that you don't get bored working or thinking about one thing. I still have not found the partner that I want. Would kind of like to make my own. You mentioned a bird and that is what I had been thinking about and with your suggestion I went on and thought of a character. Think I could add a voice and it would be pretty good. So please keep in touch and don't give up on me. I sit in the front at Church or at the very back when I have to help run the Technical stuff. So I try singing using my Vent mouth position. No one hears me, which is good, but I must get the rest of the labials mastered. Take care.
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Clinton's comments: Thanks for your progress update. Better to proceed slowly with focus than to rush through the lessons with hasty abandon. Congratulations on finding creative ways to slip ventriloquist practice into your daily routine - including church worship! I do hope you can get started on a vent puppet soon, whatever the character. As it develops, your determination will gain enthusiasm and intensity. Also, the character and its personality will become more focused in your mind. And as the project nears completion, you will find you have a desire to show it to someone (anyone). This is a fun and easy way to boost motivation. I know this is true because that is what I experienced when I built my own first vent figure (I was taking the old Maher Home Study Course at the time -1958). Keep in touch.

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