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Question: Hi, Mr D. I'm only starting out with ventriloquism so I will find the books you're sending useful. Do you think 53 years is to old for this? Thanks. Janice
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Answer: 53 too old to learn ventriloquism? Are you kidding? You're just a youngster! Fortunately, ventriloquism is one activity where age really is not a significant factor. It is very common for people to take up the art of ventriloquism after retirement at the are of 65 or over. You have significant head start over them. Enjoy! Clinton D.

P.S. I believe Clinton White still holds the record for being the oldest person to enroll in the Maher Home Course of Ventriloquism. That was in 1972 and he was nearly 84 years old at the time of his enrollment! White went on to perform a large number of shows semi-professionally for a period of nearly ten years!

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  1. Hi Mr D.
    At last I'm famous LOL,Hope this encourages others to try ventriloquism, we're a bit short of vents in the UK, we've got a few dummies though, most of them are running the country. ;-)Thanks for the mention.
    Ps I said all this without moving my lips.