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From Dennis Meeks
aka Bubbles the Clown

Regarding your post ""Its just a puppet". I have found that most comments such as,"You're really talking" and "That's really a puppet" is an expression of doubt. When SKIP, my figure, looks at me and says," Why does he think that I can't talk?" and when I answer him with,"I don't know why he thinks that you can't talk", I usually get the "look" maybe I was wrong.

It IS a compliment as a ventriloquist, but I try my best NOT to spoil the illusion and seldom do I find myself challenged more than once. Never do I solicit another opinion or open a dialogue with the child, it just becomes a conversation between me and SKIP about him.

A magician doesn't tell the secret of his magic illusion, should we as ventriloquists? There my be no secret in ventriloquism but there is illusion. In his own mind, the child could always think,"See, I was right!" but never says it.

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  1. Winkle and me5/14/2009

    I agree. Let them hold on to the magic as long as they can. They older they get, the more they'll find to discourage them. Charlie, Jerry, Danny and Lamb Chop were always alive to me.

    Still a-r-e, now that I think of it ...