Question: How can I keep doing this vent without getting discouraged? Is it a common occurrence for an up and coming vent to be discouraged?
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Answer: Thanks for sharing your frustrations. I think periods of discouragement can be a common experience for beginner ventriloquists. Hopefully of short duration. I remember those days when I felt I was making little or no progress with my practice. It was at times hard motivating myself to practice after that initial excitement faded. Then I would do a show and someone would come to me afterward saying, "You're so much better than you were last time." ... what an encouragement! That's when I realized I WAS making progress even though it was not evident to me during the sometimes lonely routine day by day practice. And the motivation and excitement would return.

Best and most fun practice? Prepare for a performance.
Best way to become newly motivated? Give a performance.
Need encouragement? Volunteer a show.

It is by giving you receive.


  1. If I could build upon what Clinton posted here...I would call your local nursing home or senior center, and ask to speak to the "activities director". Tell her or him that you'd like to volunteer to come in and entertain the residents with your ventriloquist act. The first time I did it, I did a 20 minute show in the dining room, then made short walk around room visits to see the residents who were unable to attend the show. These folks appreciated our visit so very much! By doing this, you'll serve others by making the day of folks who need it, and they'll make your day by building your confidence as a vent. Good luck to you!

  2. Anonymous5/15/2009

    Thank you for sharing this readers comment of discouragement. He/she needs to know they are not alone. I know the more we do this, the more we improve, as I have seen great improvement in myself. However, I often find myself thinking "I must really sound stupid. I'm making a fool of myself, why am I doing this. Why am I taking my valuable and little free time to work so hard on memorizing to look foolish in front of people." Then I do a show and people laugh in all the right places, and tell me how much they enjoyed it, tell me how good I did. And I realize I brought joy and laughter into their evening for just a short time. And it is a new form of entertainment in my area, so many are eager to ask me to come to their group/event. The positive feedback keeps me going. Plus attending Vent Haven as a new vent was the best thing to do to get going. Any new vent serious about learning/performing the art of ventriloquism should definitly attend Vent Haven. I would love to have the name, email of this new vent to share, encourage, etc. Can you get permission to share name/email with me. Sandi