Puppet Sing-along?

While I play a little piano, I have never been able to bring music from a stringed instrument. However, thanks to a challenge from ventriloquist, Art Miller, I did spend several hours in my shop yesterday attempting to make a banjo "talk". Now, that's a challenge I can approach with some degree of confidence!

The mouth on this puppet is controlled by the thumb of the left hand, so my biggest challenge was to connect the string so it traversed the necessary route from lower "lip" to control lever and do so noiselessly. After several attempts, the task was completed successfully.

Tomorrow I hope to start work on several cereal box puppets. They, of course, come with their own unique challenges. At least I'll have plenty to snack on as I work!

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  1. Anonymous4/15/2009


    The banjo puppet gives new meaning to the phrase "pickin' and grinnin'."

    The puppet looks great.