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Question: Can we use your ventriloquist dialogue books such as Gramps & Granny Giggles for puppet shows? We are starting up a puppet team. If so how many puppets in some plays?
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Answer: Yes, most ventriloquist dialogues can be adapted for use by two puppets from a puppet stage. Gramps & Granny Giggles, however, is not a book of dialogues. Rather, it is a collection of jokes and gags written in dialogue format so performers can add one or more to their favorite dialogues. Here's just one, for example:

F: I've finally reached the METAL age.
V: How's that?
F: I've got GOLD in my teeth, SILVER in my hair, and LEAD in my pants.

The above joke was obviously written for use with a gramps or granny puppet, but if you simply change the pronoun the joke can be used by any type/age puppet when referring to someone of the senior crowd. Just as funny or even more so.

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    Hi Clinton,
    I have just looked for the puppet shows vol 1,2, and 3. I cannot see any details, when I click on the highlighted Click Here. Where will I find the details?