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Question: Hello Clinton, thanks for your blog. I love to read it every day. Today I saw a vent figure head upside down in the background (on the photo of the Price head). May I be a little curious and ask you who made this head? All the best, Burkhard

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Answer: The head you refer to is a one-of-a-kind head that was started by an individual who ran into problems trying to mechanize it. He gave up, and eventually presented the partially finished head (without ears) to Joe Gandelman as a gift, who in turn sent it to me to see if I could rebuild the mechanics so they would actually work and then complete the figure. I have rebuilt the mechanics, added ears, painted and wigged the head as a male character - but now that I can see it finished I believe the face appears more female, so I intend to change the wig and see how the character might look as a female. In the meantime it hangs around my shop patiently waiting for the makeover. Clinton

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