Here's a question I've received and I would like to hear from you if you have a solution:

"Hi Clinton, . . . I really enjoy your Blog and have it as an icon on my desktop and check it everyday. I recently worked a Renaissance Faire and did two shows on Saturday and two on Sunday. I and other performers were on an outside stage. It was hot. By second show my hand was sweating profusely and the inside of the soft puppet was wet. Is there any way to lessen this problem outside of wearing a glove? I stood my puppet on it's head with the back opening turned up to let the heat out and dry out the puppet. Any suggestions would be appreciated."

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  1. Anonymous3/10/2009

    Try using baby powder on your hands. I use baby powder as a foundation when applying my clown makeup with great results in hot weather. Every other part of me sweats but not my face.

  2. You can get headliners made especially for latex and hand puppets from Steve Axtell's site:


    Lee Cornell