From Sammy King

Rumors of my demise were greatly exaggerated, but after 4 months in a coma, one year in various hospitals, and a lot of thearapy I am back on stage at the Palm Springs Flollies for the entire season. Truly a miracle, and I thank you for passing the word around.
After the upcoming convention, I'm going to retire to Colorado and enjoy my granddaughter. I'm still planning on coaching a few of my ongoing students, but my performing will be limited.
Hope to see you in Colorado.
Warmest regards,
Sammy King


  1. Great to see Sammy is alive and well, and performing, he is one of the best.

  2. I will be looking forward to seeing him at the conVeNTion in July

    1. Uncle Sam.....Uze D' man!!!, Congrats big pimpin'!!! Disneysking -

  3. Wow! I'm glad you are okay. I HATE talking to dead people. I've been out of touch, so had not heard the rumors.

    There was a rumor that I was killed in Viet Nam, and many were surprised to see me. However, I suffered no injuries like you did.

    I hope you enjoy your retirement as much as I do mine, though I wish I were back in Colorado.

    Best wishes and fond memories!


  4. It was a great honor and priveledge to meet and great Sammy King at the VH Convention in 2009 and to see him awarded a lifetime achievement honor and have his parrot retired to the Vent Haven Museum. Sammy you done good.
    N Jay @ Ventriloquially Yours