This matter is too significant to put off until February.  Darl Bennett sent me this nice ventriloquist figure (and case) with the following note:

"I would like to get this figure into the hands of a younger person just starting out who is serious about pursuing ventriloquism.  I remembers how hard it was to earn enough to purchase it myself many years ago.  However, since it has been going unused for over a year now, and you have proven yourself to be a man of sound judgement and extremely trustworthy, I have no problem letting you decide where and when to give it away."

Wow - those are amazing words and are received with responsibility.  So, here's my challenge - how do I find the perfect recipient for this generous gift?  That's where I need YOUR help.  Do you know of a young person with proven serious interest in becoming a ventriloquist?  A person to whom this figure would be a boost and asset to his or her career?  If so, send me an email naming the potential recipient and tell me why you feel the individual should be considered.  I'm accepting nominations now.  mahertalk@aol.com

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