I purchased a circle cutter from Wal-mart and spent some time today trying to cut a neat circle of the proper size to display a coin (front and back) in a piece of mat board. Not happy with the results. I'll try again tomorrow. If I ever do get it, it may be the last one I try to do. :-)


  1. Anonymous1/20/2013

    I would imagine a coin shop would have what you're trying to use. & the coin sets are so cheap, that a bit more for the mat board shouldn't break ANYONE. Or, let the BUYER get it. You offer such great collectable coins for almost free, i can't see why the buyers can't go to a coin shop in their area & get what they need to display them. I would. :)

  2. Well dear friend... it was the last one you would do. I'm so sorry to hear of your passing but I know you are with the Lord and celebrating your new life. God bless you Clinton! Ax

  3. Hi Clint. The Vent community misses you already. God bless you for all you have done, and I pray for peace for your family.

  4. This is Just one of the many things that Clinton did for his Friends! He was trying to help me with a Project I thought of, to take one of the Hall of Fame Coins this one Being Mark Wade, and Put it in a Clear Carrying case, Like the one he Was using to ship all 4 Coin sets in, and Mat it with a board, Placing a Hole in the Board as to show both sides, and still leaving a Space so the Autograph would show!
    I am saddened to hear of My Friends Death. I Pray that his Loss will be blessed with memories of the Kind of Man he was and how he went out of his way to Help others and to Make others happy as well as better informed and a better Ventriloquist for his work, I am so blessed by this Blog and I will Miss Clinton and the work he has Done on this Blog, as threw his work I have Learnt so much and I have been so Blessed by others that i have been able to get to Know because of his efforts on this Page. One of which being Mark Wade. God Bless you all and The Family of Clinton Detweiler, I will miss him so much
    and Pray his family will be healed by the Love and Memories of this Great man. God Bless you all!