Day 3 -
I spent yesterday printing lessons for the Maher Course.  I printed and stapled them at Kinkos, but brought them home to fold.  As I was working at our kitchen table (don't have another place in the house to do such work) I was thinking, this is what you were doing 43 years ago when you started out - sitting at the kitchen table preparing lessons for Maher students!  I guess we've come full circle!


  1. I thought you were on vacation...8-)

  2. P. Grecian1/15/2013

    What! You mean there's not a huge printing press and a factory and a staff of hundreds! :-)

    1. I used to order the Course Lessons printed commercially 2,000 sets at a time. The printer had a significant staff and I had antire room where the boxes of Lessons were stored. :-) But those days are now a memory...(not a bad thing).