Question:   My main Tim Cowles figure has lost some paint from his hands - not chipped, just rubbed away near the fingers, and I wanted to know about repainting or a touch-up paint job. Not many people would notice the paint being rubbed-off unless they were very close, but I can.  What sort of paint would I use for the hands and what sort of mixture of colours would I need to get the flesh tone and also the finger nails. Can I buy some mixed paint from you or can you send me some of your paints to mix-up.
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From Mr. D:  Mixing paint colors to match for touch up is sometimes more difficult (for me) than doing a complete repaint.  Which is not to say the hands should be repainted.  From what you describe, touch up is all that is needed.  But it would be impossible for me to send you matching paint without having the hands in my hands to mix a true color match.

If Tim uses a standard lot of paint with pre-mixed color for his prime coat (before any shading) he might be able to send you a small bit of paint for touch up.  Frankly, my experience has been that this is seldom practical.  (Personally, I do not work from a per-mix - I hand mix all paints individually for each and every figure.)

For touch up, I purchase the small bottles of acrylic paints found in the art and craft departments of our local stores.  Usually Michaels or Hobby Lobby.  Wal-Mart carries such paints but in more limited color selections.  I don't know what stores you have in Australia, but I'm sure similar paints are available.  I work from a dozen or so colors, mixing as needed, trial and error, to get the best match, remembering the true color is only seen when the paint has dried.

If you know an art student, hobbyist (or professional) artist, they can very likely touch up the finger tip areas of your figure's hands.  A light final protective coat of some clear, colorless "spray-on"  product (matte finish) will make the paint more durable.  Again, such products are found in the art department of your local or on-line suppliers.

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