Reader Comment: Over the years as I bounced from figure to figure.  Now that I'm in my late 50s, I realize that moving from figure to figure to figure is (1) a rich man's game, and (2) that it's best to use ONE figure while getting back into the ventriloquial groove and working on character and technique as opposed to finding the perfect figure.  RM
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From Mr. D:
Thanks for sharing the account of your experience searching for just the right character. I do agree that when you have found one you somehow identify with, it is better to stay with that character for performance until his character and personality are well established.
I think all "active" ventriloquists go through a similar process. But in the beginning it is important to use and perform with whatever character you have in hand. The sad situation I have observed is when a vent delays performing while searching month after month, year after year, for the "perfect" character.  The result is their career never gets off the ground, even as a hobby. I've seen that happen more than once, and I was unable to get the individual to see the importance of starting with what they had and then experience the challenge and thrill of seeing where it led.

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