Question:   I was wondering if you could tell me what you use for teeth on your full size figures and where I could get some?
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From Mr. D:  The short answer: I make them.
Lower teeth are carved (Dremel tools), usually from wood dough or one of the modeling paper clays (Michaels).  Upper teeth vary in the way they are made.  I like white art foam (Michaels), or sometimes I carve them from the same materials as the lower teeth. 

When I started building figures for Maher Studios in 1969, I made upper teeth from the white plastic of a cottage cheese container as I was taught by Mrs. Maher!   But that was in the day when a label could be peeled from the container leaving a curved piece of thin sturdy plastic of solid white color.  Today the container is imprinted so that method would be a bit more challenging.

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  1. Anonymous12/26/2012

    try using Filo Clay. its what I use! Dave