STRING Question:  You have mentioned several times that you use braided fishing line for your movements. I have searched Wal Mart, sporting goods stores, etc., and have never been able to find anything similar to what you use. Do you buy specific brand, and what is the line strength? I would really like to use this on my own figures, as I have two on which the cord I use is quite frayed.
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From Mr. D: I use Gudebrod (brand) braided Dacron trolling line 130-lb.  I just did a quick search on Amazon, and while I did not find Gudebrod brand, I did find a company selling the 130-lb Dacron braided trolling line.  Also some 200-lb. Black Shanti Braided Dacron Kite Line which I would think would work as well.

Lovik uses a similar line but lighter weight.  Probably 100-lb test.  I prefer the heavier line, but you could try 100-lb:  100LB Super Dyneema Strong Braided Fishing Line, for example. 

Braided line is important for strength, but even more important for use in vent figures because of it's flexibility and non-stretch qualities which makes it easy to use, quiet, and smooth.
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From Harry Schwab:  Braided fishing line can be obtained at most fishing stores.  A 150 yard spool of 100 lb test braided fishing line can be obtained from the Bass Pro Shop
on-line store for $24.99 (Power Pro brand).  Fishermen generally use long lengths, so 150 yards is the shortest available. 

If there is a fishing store nearby, they might carry it.  Also fishing stores will put new line on fishing reels, so they might have a spool of 100 lb test braided line open and be willing to sell just a couple of feet. 

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  1. P. Grecian12/28/2012

    I keep a file of information from the masters of vent figure creation. This bit of wisdom (dutifully attributed) has just joined it. :-)