Reader Comment:  Charlie was our mailman back in the 70's. He always made a big deal when the NAAV and Maher envelopes showed up. And when the occasional box came...oh boy!
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From Mr. D: I can relate!  Our mail man (actually a couple different ones over the years) seemed to delight in making deliveries to our house, too. Ventriloquism and dummies seem to have unique and surprising ways to lift the spirits of all, even all on their own!


  1. Steve engle12/20/2012

    My first almost "real" dummy was the 32" Jerry Mahoney. To this
    day when I smell that particular kind of vinyl, it brings back that Christmas memory of Jerry.

  2. P. Grecian12/20/2012

    A few years ago, I received a vent figure through the mail. I knew what it was, and was excited. I told the mailman. "Really? Really?" he asked, and got excited,too, "Could you show it to me?" I promised that, if he came to the door the following day I would. He did. I did. He was almost as excited as I!