READER COMMENT:  I have attached a pic of Fred Maher from 1937. I thought you might find it interesting as I have never seen this one before. A note on the back of the photo, indicates the figure he is using (which I thought was the original Skinny before he purchased the McElroy figure), is listed as "Terry"!
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From Mr. D: I had not seen this picture before, either.  Love it!   Yes, this is Fred with his original figure (which he built, according to a letter I have in my file).  The note on the back of the photo  here refers to the figure as "Terry", but I believe whoever made that note was incorrect (not unusual).  I recall some early Maher papers that refer to this figure as "Jimmy 'Skinny' Dugan".  Just when the name "Jimmy" was dropped, I do not know for fact, but I'm going to guess it was when Fred purchased and began using the McElroy figure.  The figure in this photo is a charming character who now resides in Vent Haven Museum.

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