I think that you made an error in filling my order. You sent a complete set (2012 - A: Edger Bergen, Senor Wences, Fred Maher, Jimmy Nelson) with my order for the Dansco Album. They had already been put into the album. Wilson Kindred
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From Mr. D:  No, that was not a mistake. I always include set #1 (2012-A) free with the Dansco albums.  The mistake was when I ordered twice as many coins as needed for that first set.  My hopes proved to be high; now they are more realistic, so I now order fewer coins produced.  :-)  Thus, when someone orders the $30.00 Dansco Album for the storage, protection, and display of their Hall of Fame coins (highly recommended), they receive a free 2012-A set of coins ($25.00 value).  Not a bad deal!  (Hint: Christmas is coming!)

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