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From Wilson Kindred:

Evan is home! He looks wonderful! You certainly do amazing work!

Did you add color to his face, or is it just our imaginations? His cheeks look so much more alive. They have such great skin tone. Did you trim his hair? It looks a lot neater and more trim than before.  We think that you must have done this for us.  The skin tone of his hands is so perfect. They match mine.You did such an awesome job. We love the cuticles. Even the way that you packaged him for the trip home, was done so professionally! He was so well protected for the trip!

Evan says that you are the world's greatest doctor. He also says that you are his pal, and that he misses you already.

Thank you so much for doing such a fabulous job, Mr. D. thank you for all of the extras.  WK

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From Mr. D:  Thank you for your very encouraging comments! I'm pleased to know you are pleased with Evan's appearance.  He and I agreed that he was ready for another tour of duty, but it's good to know you think so, too!
I did clean his face, and that was primarily responsible for his brighter and fresher appearance. The face of any figure has a tendency to become soiled through handling.  I did make some minor paint touch up and added a very light clear protective finish coat on a couple areas.
Just minor trim on the hair, but tiny details do make a difference.
I've repaired, repainted, packed and shipped literally thousands of figures, but I still try to take great care with each figure, treating each one as if it were my own.
I'm happy I could help.

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  1. bob steininger12/07/2012

    i like the look of evan just wondering who made him