From Mike Horner: 
Thank you for the signed copy of Creating Speaksakes! It brought back memories. If I remember correctly, I purchased my original copy from you in person in Littleton when I was in 7th grade (circa 1990). Every summer for a period of 4 years, my parents acted as managers of our denomination's church camp south of Sedalia. And every summer, we would make at least one trip to your show room.
If I'd had my way, we would have visited you EVERY time we made the trip to Denver. We drove right by Littleton Blvd. on our way to Sam' Club, Home Depot, etc.
Thanks again for the book, and for the memories!
*  *  *  *  *
From Mr. D:  I remember well the times you and your parents stopped at our Littleton Blvd house for those Summer visits.  You're right - great memories.  Now I'm the one driving past that house and being reminded of those visits and many by other guests.  Hard to believe Adelia and I have now been gone from the Blvd. location for nearly 16 years!  (I did have a few of the Speaksakes books on hand.  But I have doublechecked my collection and it appears they, too, are now just a memory!)


  1. Would love a sighned one Mr D thanks willem

    1. Willem: Please contact me at: mahertalk@aol.com (I need your address)