As of today, 107 people have reserved orders for the next set #3 (2012-C) of the Hall of Fame coins, with a total of 145 sets ordered.  And just over half of those persons have pre-paid their order.  Thank you so much!   It is a HUGE help to me to have your orders in advance so I have a better idea of how many coins to order.  And your advance payments will enable me to ship those prepaid orders immediately when I receive the coins (I have just received notice that the coins are in route to me so I hope to begin shipping next week).  However, it is not to late to order your 2012-C sets.  Just send me a quick email and tell me how many sets you would like to order.  $25 for one set of four, or $20 each when ordering two or more sets. 


  1. Woohoo! I'm really looking forward to receiving this third set. I'm so proud to own all of them.

  2. P. Grecian11/09/2012

    Yep. I'm with Ben and MJ on this! SO looking forward to this set!