Question:  I do love the idea of having a Detweiler figure! Could she be a 38" figure, which is what I believe my original was? And if you were to make her, do you know if I could then send her over to Keith Lovik to install the winkers that you don't do? (He also does crossing eyes, which intrigues me!) I don't think the raising arm is quite as important to me as the winkers. I think I'd still like to have those.
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From Mr. D:  I received the above email after telling the ventriloquist that I no longer add winkers to the figures I build.  (No figuremaker enjoys adding winkers to an existing figure. When a figure is built, winkers are one of the very first animations to be installed on a figure, then come the eyes, and then crossing eyes and then the raising eyebrows. so....
... On a completed figure, if winkers were to be added, the eyes, the crossing eyes and the raising eyebrows would all have to be removed so winkers could be installed, and then all removed mechanics would have to be replaced/rebuilt. Very time consuming and costly. It's less expensive to have a second figure built with winkers.

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