VENTRILOQUIST EDGAR BERGEN, MORTIMER SNERD, CHARLIE McCARTHY, W.C. FIELDS, and FANNY BRICE were featured in this article, "Radio and The Invisible Audience". 
This is a high quality reproduction on poster paper of two pages from the article (printed front and back; pages 105 and 106 from an unknown publication) that focused primarily on the brilliant talent of Bergen.  One bit of insulting humor between Charlie and W.C. Fields is included:
Fields (singing) Give me my boots and my bottle.
McCarthy (to Bergen):  Here comes W. C.  You're a walking ad for black coffee, Bill.  Hello, Mr. Fields, hello.
Fields: Hello, my little chum.  I was thinking about you only yesterday.
McCarthy: No!  You were!
Fields: Yes, I was cleaning out the woodshed.  Reminded me of you.
McCarthy: Mr. Fields, is that your nose or a new kind of flame-thrower?
Fields: You'd better come out of the sun, Charles, before you come unglued.
McCarthy: Do you mind if I stand in the shade of your nose?

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