"See and Sip"

Dear Mr. D,
I have two quick questions for you.
#1 Where can you find good eye-glasses for dummies?
#2 What sources do you know of that sell the water glass within another water glass for vent demonstrations?
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From Mr. D:  
#1 For greatest visibility of eye movement, I prefer that there be no lens in the eyeglasses figures wear.   For eyeglasses for figures, I just buy cheap kids' (or adult) sunglasses and remove the dark lens.
#2 Magic suppliers have the "Magic Milk Tumbler" - at least that is where I used to purchase them. I purchased from D. Robbins & Co. but they do have minimums: http://www.ezmagicrobbins.com/catalog/productDetails.aspx?ProductID=19650


  1. Agree with Clinton on the eyeglasses, but another recommendation for the drinking glass would be to get it from Gottle O' Geer Productions. Here's a direct link for you http://gogproductions.com/ventriloquism-accessories?product_id=128

  2. Anonymous10/22/2012

    D. Robbins is wholesale to dealers only. They do not sell to the general public. Bill Smith

  3. I've made small figures with eyeglasses and I have one "full-size" figure with eyeglasses, and they all have the glass in - it wouldn't seem right to me without the glass, and I would expect those watching to think so too.

  4. Anonymous10/23/2012

    You might try doing something i did on a piece of glass one time to get rid of the glare, but in this case so the eyes show better on the figure. Take the lenses out, & give one side a light spray of clear satin {NOT "gloss"} polyurethane {varnish}. It will give the glass the same effect as the glass in a non glare picture frame. I'd suggest having a couple duplicates of the same glasses when you try this though, just in case i'm wrong, as i never tried it on glasses lenses, but it worked great on the sheet of glass i needed to get rid of the glare on. Just an idea. Bill Smith.

  5. Anonymous10/23/2012

    I was so pleased with the eyeglasses that you made for my 'Granny' figure, Mr. D. They have lenses, but in no way do they obscure or take away from the 'life' of her eyes or her eye movement. This however, is partly attributable to the style of the eyeglasses themselves, as well as to the excellent craftsmanship. You probably would not want lenses with many of the other styles.

    Wilson KIndred