Question:   Is there a national ventriloquism day presently? Sincerely,  Jeremiah Ward
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From Mr. D:  Oh, I'm sure there is although I can't tell you when it is. I know there is a National Ventriloquism week in July, generally around the time of the International ConVENTion. I'll post your question on my blog to see if anyone has the "official dates", if they exist.


  1. Anonymous10/26/2012

    I've never heard of such. Seems appropriate though. Our sister art, magic, has had national magic days, & the month of october, in honor of houdini,has been proclaimed national magic month. Being vent is a smaller art form than magic, performer number wise, i'm guessing that's why no real push for such has been made. I believe the magic community actually got congress to declare theirs, so maybe the same could be done for vent. I think it would just take figuring out when you want it, getting a petition signed by vents, which could probably be done online these days, & submitting it to the proper people. I'd sign. Bill Smith

  2. There is, apparently, a National Puppetry Day:

    National Day of Puppetry | Atlanta Puppetry Guild
    The National Day of Puppetry is celebrated on the fourth Saturday of April each year.
    It is a time to celebrate the fun, joy, and magic of the art of puppetry.

  3. I would gladly sign such a petition.