Mark Wade Writes...

Mark Wade Writes:


We can often be our own worst critics!  No truer words have ever been written..and I think we performers get an extra dose of this.  We try things and if they don't work in the show the first time, we blame ourselves and get into a "funk".  We literally beat ourselves up when instead we should look for the GOOD parts of the show and move forward.

Next time you do a show and you walk off stage and feel like it wasn't your best performance, remember..we always seem judge ourselves harshly.  To us is was a failure, when in fact, many people enjoyed it and were really entertained.  Now I am not writing this to say you should delude
yourself into thinking every show that you did was a "home run" and that you are the greatest vent that ever picked up a puppet.  Let's be realistic.  We can all improve..we all can do a bit better...and as long as you are striving and learning you ARE moving forward.

I got some words of wisdom from my vent friend Taylor Mason this year at the Vent Haven ConVENTion.  Taylor in essence said "When I go out on a show I don't have to compete with anyone..not Jeff Dunham ..not Terry Fator.  I just have to be the BEST ME, the BEST ENTERTAINER,  that I can be for this show at this time!!"  Taylor is confident and he is a great
act.  These words should be a benchmark for all of us.  Be the BEST entertainer you can be when you do your show...and please, be kinder to yourself! You deserve it!!

Mark Wade: markwade@kidshowvent.com

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