LIFE MAGAZINE 7/26/1937 Complete magazine, very good condition.
With 12 PHOTO two-page spread on CHARLIE McCARTHY titled: "Charlie McCarthy is the Most Objectionable Man in America". 
Some quotes from the article:

"Charlie has become steadily more saucy, caustic and independent until at times he has seemed to be quite beyond his creator's control."

A quote within the article from the New York Times: "Charlie McCarthy, the overbred brat of the radio, is so insufferably satisfied with himself that it is risky to praise him in public."

And from LIFE editors: "This wooden imp of the radio who sits on a ventriloquist knee has no respect for his betters.  Make no mistake about it, he is a bad egg.  And his personality is developing so rapidly that even Mr. Bergen is losing control of him, and week by week has less and less to say for himself.  Charlie Frankenstein McCarthy may be the proper way to refer to him a few months from now."

Serious writings or tongue-in-cheek?  I'll let you decide.  Whatever - it's history now! The series of photos of Charlie and Bergen with W.C. Fields and their dialogue captions are most entertaining to see and read.  I've listed more about this rare issue of LIFE magazine on my eBay listing:

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