I am enjoying the speaksakes book that you sent me. I must say that these are some very original and creative ideas. I like especially the chapter on making puppets out of plush toys. Again thank you for your generosity in sharing this information. God bless you.
Your friend, James.
*  *  *  *
From Mr D:  Thank you, James.  (I do have a few copies left in anyone else is interested...)


  1. Anonymous10/30/2012

    Hi Clinton, and thank you very much for the book! I just received my copy of "Creating speaksakes from throw-aways" and it's so very good! I love it! Thank you for your generosity, it's greatly appreciated, as always. Many blessings, Marcelo Melison.

  2. Hi Mr. D.
    I too recieved my Autographed Copy of your Book! Creating Speaksakes From Throwaways!! I too agree a generas Gift! you are so giving, I pray God knows tour Blessings and will return then 100000000 Fold! Sincerely William C. Duff