Question:   I saw the photo of the Wilson figure that has gone unclaimed after the repair restoration work you did on him.  Could I purchase him for my young son by paying the overdue charges?  Certainly Wilson's owner must no longer have need of him, and you should not be left unpaid after all the hours you have invested in him.  I'm willing to take him off your hands and give him a good home.  H.K.
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From Mr. D:   The total due on Wilson's restoration is $350. But that is head only.  He would need a body and that would be an additional charge.   There would be less expensive ways for you to provide a figure for your son. And unless your son has shown serious and continuous interest in becoming a ventriloquist, I would not advise you to start him off with a full size professional figure. It's better, in my opinion, to start a young person with a nice beginner figure, one that has head, mouth, and perhaps eye movement, and then let them prove their interest and "earn" the right to select a professional figure that appeals to them, their style of performance, and the character they have in mind to work with.

I do thank you for your interest in Wilson.  Admittedly, I am perplexed by the owners failure to respond to my attempts to contact him.  It is possible I will be forced to find a new home for him, but I'll likely give him a totally new look before doing so.

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