Wade Insights

Comment:  I love the tid-bits from Mark (Wade). They are quite insightful and full of wisdom. I copy and past them into a document and save them together.  Maybe Mark should write a book of Ventriliquial Insights. ;-)
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From Mr. D:  As a matter of fact, Mark has written one book filled with his insights, advice and tips.  And he's working on another.  His first book, Kid Show Ventriloquism, takes the reader into his world as a successful kidshow entertainer.  Not only does he explain the secrets of the business as viewed by the audience, but he takes you backstage and explains the tricks of the trade the audience will never know about.  Regardless of where you perform, you'll find ideas in Kid Show Ventriloquism that are certain to make you a better performer. 

I have a good supply of this book.  $15 regular price.  I'm selling for $7.50 each postpaid.


  1. Great book! I highly recommend it.

    Jim Chaput

  2. Just orderd a dvd from Mark Wade :-)