Tommy Tomato grows up

From Ted Nunes
Last year, I shared with you the tomato stick puppets I made for our local Tomato Art Fest. Now I thought I'd share my progress on Tommy Tomato, a vent puppet I've been building for this year's festival. He's the most ambitious puppet I've ever attempted: head stick, slot jaw and moving eyes. (and I'll be making his suit--puppet tailoring is more new territory for me, but I'm hoping I'll figure it out.)
I've been making him out of CelluClay. His head, hands and feet started as wadded brown paper bag and masking tape. (I didn't get photos of that step, darnit.) The parts for the body were molded from a plastic container some spinach came in.


  1. great puppet, congrats, now just make sure that they keep hiring you back again and again for the festival

  2. Very clever Clinton. If you get involved with the Farmers Association you might end up making an entire salad :)

  3. Fruity, just fruity. Ooops, it's a vegetable. Nice creation.

  4. A little phrase to help keep the "Fruit or Vegetable" question straight.

    "The difference between knowledge and wisdom:
    Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit.
    Wisdom is knowing to not put it in fruit salad."

    ~Tommy Tomato