Script Writing Course

From Tom Crowl:
At VentHaven, I sat down with Ken Groves, Mark Wade, Steve Petra, Sarah Jones (from Australia) and Bill DeMar. The interviews were taped, and we discussed their script writing processes. Their answers to my questions were incredible, providing a real glimpse into the thought process of creating original material. The resulting interviews were edited down and still provide over two and a half hours of solid information on how to write a ventriloquist script. The Master Class will time release like the original course and consist of twelve videos. The final video is a Process Synopsis that will walk people step by step through the process, and uses clips from the interviews to reinforce the methods.
The Master Classes were originally intended only for my course graduates, but I realized after creating this, it would be beneficial to so many ventriloquists, it should be released as its own time released mini-course.
The program won't be available for a few more weeks, but I have started to release some video teasers. You may find them on my own blog at:

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