Radio Mirror, December 1948, For sale

This 64 year old 98 page radio and television guide is in nearly perfect condition!  It is filled with personality stories and many photos of stars from that era.  But the one that catches my eye is the cover feature on Edgar Bergen.  Written by his wife, Frances, the four page article is filled with personal stories about Bergen and their family, which in 1948, included two year old Candice.  Frances writes about their home, collections, hobbies and Edgar's leisure activities which included swimming, riding, puttering with engines, woodworking, painting.  And bee-keeping.  His perfectionist attitude about script writing and rehearsal for his weekly Sunday night Radio Show is outlined.  And much more.  This magazine is a true treasure for any fan of Bergen, Charlie McCarthy, Mortimer Snerd, and Effie.  It comes from the collection of George Boosey and you can be glad I've ended my collecting career, because if I was still collecting, you would not be seeing this now.  It's a gem! :-) Here's the eBay auction listing:

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  1. Anonymous9/08/2012

    This LOOKS like a gem! I used to have several large size editions of "Radio Guide" with bergen & his pals featured, & loved them, as well as my other collectables, but sold all to a private collector a few years back, except a used "Charlie McCarthy Radio Party Game", which was the first vent related collectable i ever bought, & an unused version, with the figures still on their perforated cards, along with the original mailing envelope. But if i myself were still collecting, I'd bid pretty darned high on this just to try & nab it. So someone better start bidding {the current bid is a slap in the face!}, or i may decide to collect one more thing! LOL! Bill Smith