Dummy encouraging others to vote

Comedian/ventriloquist Ed Thomas of Altamonte Springs, Florida and his dummy partner, Hugo, are performing shows with the message to get out and vote. The act is themed around the idea that only dummies don’t vote. Thomas said, “This was Hugo’s idea. He was upset that he couldn’t vote because he is a dummy, so he wants to be sure that everyone who is not a dummy votes.”
Ed and Hugo have performed together for more than 50 years. They were the first ventriloquist act to perform on TV in the state of Maine. They perform together at theme parks, civic clubs, comedy clubs, conventions, and much more.


  1. Chuck Lyons9/01/2012

    I had the great fortune to meet Mr. Thomas at the last ConVention in July. Not only is he a great comedy ventriloquist but he is a genuine nice guy. Hugo you are the smartest dunny I know.

  2. That is a great idea, and a really CUTE shirt!

  3. Anonymous9/03/2012

    Great looking figure! Who was the maker? The style looks familiar.