Body Double?


  1. 1942: HERE WE GO AGAIN:
    Fibber McGee and Molly take a trip for the purpose of having a second honeymoon.
    Bergen, Charlie, and Mortimer are camping
    out and manage to become involved in
    the shenanigans at the lodge where the
    McGees are staying. Charlie
    McCarthy actually even has a solo
    dance number called "This Delicious Delirium."

    The 4' 3" Jerry Maren (pictured with Charlie) played Charlie in the dance number and other
    scenes where Charlie is walking. Maren also played Charlie's friend in
    Bergen's radio program during the early 1940s and performed in The Wizard
    of Oz (1939) as the Munchkin who presents Dorothy with a lollipop.

    Bob Albano

  2. Anonymous9/15/2012

    NEAT!!! & Jerry Maren was one of the munchkins in the wizard of oz.He was the center one, in green, in the "Lollipop Guild". Bill Smith

  3. Anonymous9/15/2012

    It would be interesting to see a "where is he now?" picture after all these years.

  4. An article on Jerry Maren appeared online last year:

    Maren is 92 years old now.

  5. I didn't know this, but after seeing this photo, I decided to take a look at Jerry's career, One thing I did not know, He was the infimous, Hamburger stealer in the Mc Donald's Comercials, He was the Hamburgular! Cool or what.