Mark Wade 2012-B Hall of Fame Coin

While Mark Wade has the skill and ability to entertain audiences of all ages, he is best known as America's foremost kid show entertainer.  His training as an elementary school teacher is put to good use as he blends educational teach techniques with his entertaining ventriloquist skills.   However, my appreciation for Mark goes far beyond his onstage performance skills, great as they are.  For nearly four decades he has been a priceless asset to Maher Studios.   His vent themed products, which include dialogue books, training materials (written word, audio, and video). most produced in cooperation with Maher Studios, have proved valuable to amateurs and professionals worldwide who are seeking to improve their act and skills.
From his personal experience as a working professional, Mark has shared advice and tips through dozens of columns in past Newsy Vents newsletters and continues to do so today through his popular articles contributed to this blog.  And when I sought a skilled teacher/demonstrator as the on camera face for videos to be used as a supplement to the Maher Course, Mark without hesitation agreed to accept that challenge.  Thus the series of three popular training videos, now available in DVD format, was born.  Back home in Ohio, when he's not planning next year's July International Ventriloquist ConVENTion, Mark continues to create new shows for his busy schedule of library and school shows for the current year.  So in the spirit of the Olympics, it is my pleasure to award a Hall of Fame "Gold Medal" to Mark Wade!


  1. Anonymous8/07/2012

    Thanks Clinton, for the kind words. I an truly honored to be on one of your H of F coins and I look forward to continued work with you and Adelia and Maher Studios!


  2. Anonymous8/07/2012

    TRULY a worthy recipient!! Bill Smith