Jimmy Nelson 2012-A Hall of Fame Coin

Adelia and I were married in 1955.  One of the first purchases for our tiny Winfield (KS) apartment was a 12" black and white TV.  My parents never owned a TV while I was still at home, so this was a significant addition and change to our use of leisure time.  1955 was also the year Jimmy was hired by the Nestle company to sell their products via TV commercials.  I can vividly remember seeing those highly entertaining short TV spots on our newly acquired TV.  That was the beginning of  a relationship that would develop into something far more meaningful and real than any on screen display.  Some examples: During our years with Maher Studios, beginning in 1969, hundreds of Danny O'Day dolls would pass through my hands on their way to ventriloquists around the world.  An amazing tribute to the man who made the character so desirable internationally.  When we decided to add audio cassette tapes to the Maher Course (late 1970's), Jimmy very graciously agreed to provide personal words of greeting and encouragement for the Maher students as part of the Maher Course audio supplement.  And he did so without charge, for which I'll be forever grateful.  But what I admire most about this gentleman is his willingness to graciously give of his time and priceless knowledge to any person, young or old, beginner or seasoned pro.  Jimmy, you have provided an inspiration to many and set an example for all.   It is with pleasure we have featured you as part of the inaugural set of Hall of Fame coins!  (Note:  Our coins went to the engravers before Jimmy's new web site was available which is why the address is not on the coin itself.  But you can check it out here:  http://jimmydannyfarfel.com/ )

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