"He'll move his tail for you"

This dog puppet is one of the "Nitzie" dogs made by Delores Nitz. But is must have been a "one-of-a-kind" because the fur is not one we kept in stock for regular catalog sale. The puppets were unique in that they used two hand operation: One hand ggoes into the head and mouth, and the other hand's finger went into the tail to "wag" the tail. I loved them! They were so lifelike many people mistook them for a real dog as they were carried around.  This one is listed for sale on eBay auction now:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ventriloquist-Dog-Stage-Puppet-/130751400649
More than anyone I know, Steve Parker is the master manipulator of the "Nitzie" puppets.  Just yesterday he wrote:
"I still love the Nitzie character. I use Frisky so much. He still looks great after these many years. I do a routine with him using Distant Voice. He has a pet flea who often lives in his paw and we visit with him. Frisky's friend's name is 'Irving'
I also use a bottle routine with Irving."

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