From Andy Mrkvicka:
Dr. D's emergency response! Thankfully this was an outpatient visit!

From Mr. D:   Found a new career: "Dummy Doctor on Wheels"!   (Not!)


  1. Anonymous8/17/2012

    Goodness Clinton you'll have to mount a siren on top of your car soon.

  2. Anonymous8/17/2012

    Imagine the business you could do at the ConVENTion. . . !

  3. Anonymous8/17/2012

    Who says Doctors don't make house calls anymore!

    Glen Rappold
    San Diego, CA

  4. Anonymous8/17/2012

    Dental or maxillary surgery?

  5. Dr. D. Saves the DAY, Fixes the joe, helps him earn some doe, Keeps the Vent from loosing his head! Now He's no longer Dead.

  6. Andy Mrkvicka8/17/2012

    This guy had a serious case of lock jaw! Dr. D nursed him back to health in a matter of minutes! We are both Grateful!

    Just another reason why I love living in Colorado!! :-)

  7. bob steininger8/17/2012

    and now i would like to know the rest of the story clintion was this a call you went out to make or did you run into somebody that needed a repair or did you feel all cooped up in the garage that you needed a bit of fresh air like to hear the rest of the story