Co-op Coin effort

  I've decided that with the coins sets featuring contemporary vents, such as this one (2012-B), I will reserve 125 sets only for general sale and make the remaining 75 coins available to the individual honorees themselves. They can then resell, gift, or whatever. Such a co-op effort will aid the effort to keep the project moving forward.


  1. Canon John Jordan.8/13/2012

    Clinton, please add my name to the list of those pre-ordering the 2012-C set of coins. I like your idea of making a number of single coins available to honorees. This will also enable fans and collectors to show their appreciation to each one as they may wish, by ordering one or more directly from the honoree.

  2. bob steininger8/14/2012

    clintion please add my name to the list for the 2012 c set of coins

  3. Okay - I have you both on the list! Thank you!