If you have ever tried to pose your figure with arm raised for a photo, you know it takes some creativity to keep the raised arm/hand in position long enough to snap the picture.  Take a close look at how Bergen managed this with Effie and Charlie.  The cords of their monocles do the trick!  The cord from Effie's eyepiece is tenuously looped around the tip of her finger.  With Charlie, the cord is looped (unseen) around his thumb.  Clever!  (From the poster, ALL DOLLED UP.  See post below.)


  1. Winkle and Wags8/30/2012

    Well, considering how much Mr. Bergen did f-o-r ventriloquism, I can't say that I'm completely surprised. His inventiveness, as well as his talant, remained on display throughout his whole career. No wonder he made the 1st round in the Vent Hall of Fame coin series. A gifted performer that continues to entertain and inspire! Thanks, Mr. D!

  2. Anonymous8/30/2012

    That's funny. I saw this JUST after re-reading the Edgar Bergen memorial issue of Newsy Vents for the umpteenth time {The first issue i ever recieved, & sadly the only one i still have}. I love your comment in there Mr. D, on page 3, where you say, & i quote:

    "When i hear well meaning vents allowing themselves to be compared with Bergen simply because he moved his lips and they do not,I quietly shake my head with sadness ... they obviously never really knew him."

    I did then, & do now, whole heartedly agree!! Edgar Bergen was the Walt Disney of ventriloquism. There has yet to be another to truly match his artistry in bringing characters to life, especially those with only moving mouths & turning heads! Not knocking any other classic or current vent, please believe me, but Bergen was unique & one of a kind. A rare & special breed we may never see the likes of again. Bill Smith

  3. Anonymous8/31/2012

    As an added note to my above statement, the closest to him in regards to bringing characters to life in my opinion, would be Shari Lewis. Bill Smith