From Allen Fuller:
I was helping my mother clean out a closet this week.  There was a box containing very old bank statements in the closet.  So, I started shredding.  I came to some from fall 1983, which was when my first figure was purchased from Maher.  (You repainted him about six years ago.)  So, I looked through the checks and found the one for the purchase of my figure.  It was made out to you for $434.00.  The figure was K-515 "Slim."  The date on the check is October 18, 1983.  The figure is a living -mouth figure with raising eyebrows and two winkers.  Prices have changed a lot since then. :-)
    As I recall, the figures in the catalog could be ordered with slot-jaw or living-mouth. Of course the living-mouth was less expensive, which was the main reason I wanted it. I could then add the winkers and eyebrows and the total cost was about the same as the slot-jaw. In retrospect, I think I would have preferred the slot-jaw without the extra animations. For some reason, one of the leather blinkers keeps the eyes from moving freely and smoothly. When I close the blinker, the eyes work fine. However, with the blinker open, it is very hard to move the eyes. As I recall, it was this way when new, but I did not realize this was not normal for figures. I think this is why I really prefer stationary eyes. I never learned to work them properly as a youth, and it's harder to become proficient with this as an adult.
I decided to save the check.
I just thought you might enjoy reading this "story."
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From Mr. D.  Thank you for your fascinating, fun story. I do remember Slim.   I had to do a major searc, but I did locate the old catalog where that series of figures was introduced.  See photos here. 
I had forgotten we were selling living mouth figures in the 80's - interesting. I guess I should build a couple more at some point - maybe this Fall...  Thanks for the inspiring memories!

PS: I'm willing to try to correct the moving eyes for you should you decide you want that change made.


  1. Anonymous7/09/2012

    Clinton, if you decide to build some living mouth figures this fall please put me at the top of the list for a purchase! My first hard figure was a knee pal with a living mouth which I had to sell some years ago to cover medical expenses. I really miss it. So please keep me in mind for another. I'll start saving up right now.
    John Degel - JohnDMagician

  2. I guess I need to put my serious thinking cap on! I will keep you in mind, John. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Anonymous7/10/2012


    I did not get to check your blog yesterday (July 9). Thus, I did not see this post until today (July 10), which just happens to be my birthday. Thanks for the nice "gift."


  4. Well, a belated "Happy Birthday" to you, Allen!

  5. Anonymous7/11/2012

    hello clinton it me agen if u decide on making enny new living mouth characters let me no ok o snd if u do u can have like a broucher advetising it with extra fetuers and movments that all i can think of a gret frieand who has one of craig lovik earlyest story teller figuer in the uk adam walker