Question of Identity

Question:  I am selling another one of my aunts dummies that you made.  I just want to make sure I describe it correctly.
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From Mr. D:  I definitely painted this figure, and probably wigged it. But I did not build it since I've never built a figure with that type of head post and control setup. In fact, the head appears to be made fom a William Andersen kit.   If it is an Andersen head, the material used would be wood dough (probably Dap or Plastic Wood brand depending on the year it was built.) 
It's possible I may have built the body, but I wouldn't know that without seeing a picture of it undressed.  Sorry I can't be more specific.   I've documented most recent repairs jobs with photos.  But for over 40 years I did not.  And hundreds of figures passed through my shop during that time.  I remember many, but not all.

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