Yes, it's a Jerry Mahoney

With eye shadow painted over
From Tom Smith:  I need repair on a figure I work with. His name is Mergatroid.  He is a Jerry Mahoney with wig added.
The small figure on Megatroid's lap in this photo was recieved from John Arvitis thirty years ago. He is a Marshall figure. I think it was made in bulk and John had some so he gave me one. I use it as Mergatroid`s dummy.  Tommy...something  (Tommy Knotts)

Update:  Just received Mergatroid. Wow he looks great. Now he`s a boy. (No blue eye shadow )   His mouth works so much better and I don`t have to use a rubber band. My wife says he looks like a new figure. I can`t thank you enough. You are very professional. Thank you for the stickers too.  Tom Smith

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