Congratulations for 46 years of figuremaking!

Yesterday I mentioned the  years (44) Adelia and I have been providing ventriloquist supplies and instruction to the world at large.  Which led me to recall an email I had earlier received from Al Semok who told me he will soon be celebrating 46 years since the day he sold his first figure to Al Flosso's magic shop in New York (for $35).

Additionally, Al said, "The time sure does fly by, and its been quite a journey since then, to be sure.
God willing, hopefully I can keep cranking out new figures in the years to come (as long as the arthritis is kept at bay and the old lungs hold out. LOL)"

Ditto, here.


  1. bob steininger7/13/2012

    cogratulations to adelia clintion and al great job

  2. 44 years of helping ventriloquists have fun, entertain and inspire. 44 years of helping Christian vents share the gospel in a unique and compelling way. 44 years of making friends and being an encourager to all who came your way. Not just good work... a good life....and a good example. Bless you both and your dear family!

    Dr. Jeff Scott
    Senior Pastor, Northside Baptist
    Mechanicsville, VA