Bare Feet Gag

By Al Good
retired vent

Here's a little story about the removeble bare latex feet made by Lovik several years ago.  I put the feet in a pair of pajama bottoms, adding a little stuffing in the calf area to keep the feet facing forward.

I was using 2 cases on stage at that time, one already on stage, and the second brought on stage by a stage hand at the same time I came on stage. This case had the lid open facing the back of the stage with the pair of legs hanging over the end in plain view of the audience.

As I was introducing my act, I happened to see that pair of bare feet to my dismay and scolded my figure for not being dressed and ready. We had some short argument, and he promised to be ready by his time to come out (he said he was watching TV) and I helped his legs back into the case, moving on to the other case and bringing out a different figure.

Later, I went to the second case and brought out Scooter fully dressed and the kids went wild, expecting to see him in his PJ's.
This gag went over really well for my school shows and summer camp shows. When I retired from performing I brought the PJ's with the feet to the ConVention and sold them as soon as my booth opened. I gave a printout of the gag to the person who bought the feet.

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  1. Anonymous7/27/2012

    That's great! Puts me in mind of the old vaudeville bit where the ventriloquist had a small child dressed like his figure in a trunk on stage. At the end of the performance, the vent does the classic suitcase finish with the figure arguing about not going in the case. After he's in the case the vent starts walking off stage. The child pops the lid open, jumps out and runs off the other direction. The vent then proceeds to chase him off stage. Great effect, as long as someone in the audience doesn't have a heart attack.
    Bill Matthews