Update: Second Set Hall of Fame Coins 2012-B

Flash:  This weekend I will be shipping all prepaid orders for the second set of Hall Of Fame Coins
(2012-B, featuring T. Fator, J. Johnson, J. Barber, and M. Wade).  Exciting! 
 If you have prepaid for your set(s), you can look for them to arrive next week.  If you have reserved sets or have put off ordering, NOW is the time to do so to get in on this first wave of orders.   


  1. Canon John Jordan6/20/2012

    Excited to know that the new issue are on their way. Before it's too late, please let me urge that the next set should include a Clinton Detweiler coin. I hope others will express this hope also. Clinton certainly deserves HOF recognition at an early date.

  2. bob steininger6/20/2012

    i also agree with canon there should be a clinton detweiler coin and i sure hope i do see one and once again dont wait cause it may be to late order a set of coins you will not be disapointed they are top notch

  3. Jeff Brown6/20/2012

    I agree!

  4. Anonymous6/20/2012

    If a good number of readers agree, let's say so, and the numbers will help to convince Clinton that the Vent community wants this.